Sept. 17, 2021

S2E35 - A Huge Excuse to Talk About Deltarune (17 September 2021)

S2E35 - A Huge Excuse to Talk About Deltarune (17 September 2021)

Viper uses a l-l-l-l-loophole to talk all things Deltarune! Oh, and Scott appears for a quick distraction regarding his thoughts on Lost Judgment. But aside from that... Alongside various Mega Drive/Genesis remixes of Deltarune's acclaimed OST, we'll also be hearing about the (lack of) background surrounding the game's release and Viper's own delve into the game's symbolism and what it means to him ahead of Chapter 2's imminent release.

Featured artists (in order):
ShinkoNet -
Dv2 -
eloo -
Crimzan -
Lil Boulder -
Musikage -
Some Spoony Bard -
Millecollin -
M1 Productions -
CrazyGroupTrio -
StormTrigger -
S-Tie -

Additional thanks to:
DrScottnik -

ShinkoNet - VS. Susie (Sega Genesis / Mega Drive REMIX)
Dv2 - The World Revolving (Sega Genesis Remix)
eloo - The Legend (SEGA Genesis Remix)
TALKBED - Welcome to the Show!
Crimzan - Scarlet Forest (Crimzan's Orchestration)
Lil Boulder - Checker Dance (SEGA GENESIS COVER)
Musikage - Lancer's Theme [16-bit; Genesis]
Some Spoony Bard - Chaos King (Sega Genesis Remix)
TALKBED - Everything You Need To Know about Deltarune
Millecollin - Metal Crusher: Sega Genesis/MegaDrive Cover/Remix
M1 Productions - Spider Dance (Sega Genesis Remix) [Original Mix]
CrazyGroupTrio - Death by Glamour (Sega Genesis Cover)
TALKBED - Before the Review...
RadioSEGA Reviews... Lost Judgment (CW: Suicide, Bullying)
Lost Judgment - Rasen (Main Theme)
Lost Judgment - Blue Stompin' (Crane Style)
Lost Judgment - Story Battle Theme
TALKBED - The Symbolism and Personal Impact of Deltarune
Lil Boulder - Vs. Lancer (SEGA GENESIS COVER)
StormTrigger - Field of Hopes and Dreams (Sega Genesis Style)
S-Tie - Rude Buster (Deltarune Megadrive Remix)
TALKBED - Thanks for Listening!
Dv2 - Hip Shop (Sega Genesis Remix)