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Viper's Favourite Games Special Events WinterFest

SP01 - Unfinished Business [Lethal League Blaze Special for WinterFest 2021] (18 December 2021)

Dec. 18, 2021

Pick n' Mix is back! Join Viper for a WinterFest 2021 where he discusses a favourite game of his recently added to RadioSEGA through a playlist loophole. Get hyped with us as we hype up all things Lethal League Blaze while p…

Viper's Favourite Games Remixed For Fun Special Events

S2E35 - A Huge Excuse to Talk About Deltarune (17 September 2021)

Sept. 17, 2021

Viper uses a l-l-l-l-loophole to talk all things Deltarune! Oh, and Scott appears for a quick distraction regarding his thoughts on Lost Judgment. But aside from that... Alongside various Mega Drive/Genesis remixes of Deltar…

Regular Episode Viper's Favourite Games For Fun Special Events

S2E33 - The Mixin' Resort! (03 September 2021)

Sept. 3, 2021

Pick n' Mix and Topical Resort get blended together for one night only in celebration of the release of Sonic Colours: Ultimate! Hasty History and Topical Thesis return, opinions are had, lots of new music is played and we s…

Special Events Anniversaries

S2E13 - 11 Years LiVE and The Sound Cadets (12 Mar 2021)

March 12, 2021

We celebrate 11 years of LiVE shows this week by playing you some RadioSEGA classics, talking to you about fond memories of times gone by and introducing our brand new mascots: The Sound Cadets!

RadioSEGA Shuffle Special Events

S2E11 - GameBlast '21 Shuffle (26 Feb 2021)

Feb. 26, 2021

It's time for another RadioSEGA Shuffle, this time raising money for SpecialEffect as we take part in RadioSEGA's GameBlast '21 weekend! Join us for a ranty Planet Lisp, a fandriven Chart Toppin' Knockout and a higher stakes…

Special Events WinterFest

S2E01 - WinterFest 2020 Special (19 Dec 2020)

Dec. 19, 2020

Pick n' Mix is back! We spend our WinterFest 2020 reminiscing on how this edition of WinterFest came to be while taking you through our brand new game segment and our freshly reskinned chart segment, all while battling techn…

Megamix Special Events

E44 - Party Megamix Revisited (21 August 2020)

Aug. 21, 2020

Viper's away celebrating, so let's celebrate ourselves with a revisit to the Party Megamix concept. Almost 90 minutes of upbeat tunes designed to get you up and dancing as well as chat about the festivities that went down on…

RadioSEGA Shuffle Special Events RadioSEGA's Opposite Week

E36 - Opposite Week Shuffle (26 June 2020)

June 26, 2020

As part of RadioSEGA's Opposite Week, it fell upon KC the responsibility of hosting Pick n' Mix this week. And on a RadioSEGA Shuffle week, too. Lots of roulettes, Gone in a Sonic Minute and "Chuck Walker" all make an appear…

Guest: KC
Special Events Anniversaries

E22 - 10 Years LiVE Shuffle (13 March 2020)

March 13, 2020

RadioSEGA LiVE turned 10 this weekend! To celebrate, we're blasting the tunes and shufflin' the segments new and old! Oh, and you asked some really stupid questions.

Special Events WinterFest

E10 - WinterFest 2019 Special Shuffle (14 December 2019)

Dec. 14, 2019

WinterFest is here once again, and how better to celebrate it than talking nonsense while doing a RadioSEGA Shuffle? Winter music, cryptic clues and lots of #StaffBullying are plentiful here so if you're in the Christmas spi…

For Fun Special Events

E09 - The Pick n' Mix SAME Roadshow feat. Guests (06 December 2019)

Dec. 6, 2019

Viper's travelling for Sonic Adventure Music Experience UK, so that naturally meant no show this week... haha, you wish. Join him alongside Ace Croft, Ducktanian and Theking for a load of shenanigans that disguise themselves…

Special Events

E04 - RadioSEGA's Fan Choice Song of 2019 Candidates (01 November 2019)

Nov. 1, 2019

RadioSEGA's Fan Choice Song of the Year 2019 competition is upon us! We play through some of the potential candidates for Round 2 including some from some just barely released titles! To cast your vote, visit both radiose.ga…

Regular Episode Special Events Anniversaries

RadioSEGA LiVE 9th Birthday Special (12th March 2019)

March 12, 2019

Advertised as the "show you've waited AGES for", Pick 'n Mix brings in a new era of RadioSEGA LiVE celebrations. Anything could happen and any segment from a past show could appear in the hyper sugar rush of a pilot!