RadioSEGA Shuffle Episodes

August 30, 2021

S2E32 - RadioSEGA Shuffle August 2021 (30 August 2021)

It's time for the long awaited return of the RadioSEGA Shuffle as we play you some great tunes while mixin' up some segments from RadioSEGA's past and present! Just what segments could appear? Guess you better stay tuned to find out!

RadioSEGA Shuffle

May 28, 2021

S2E24 - RadioSEGA Shuffle May 2021 (28 May 2021)

On this week's bumper Pick n' Mix: we talk about our new shows, a new one-off special coming soon, and there's lots and lots of talk about the big SEGA headlines of the week. Also we make tierlists, if that excites you...

RadioSEGA Shuffle

April 30, 2021

S2E20 - RadioSEGA Shuffle April 2021 (30 Apr 2021)

We cap off a rather eventful month in the SEGA world with a RadioSEGA Shuffle featuring plenty of typing, topicality and some fresh RadioSEGA news including a new show announcement!

RadioSEGA Shuffle

March 26, 2021

S2E15 - RadioSEGA Shuffle March 2021 (26 Mar 2021)

March's RadioSEGA Shuffle brings us news, tuens, reversed tuens and randomised tuens! Notice the pattern here?

RadioSEGA Shuffle

February 26, 2021

S2E11 - GameBlast '21 Shuffle (26 Feb 2021)

It's time for another RadioSEGA Shuffle, this time raising money for SpecialEffect as we take part in RadioSEGA's GameBlast '21 weekend! Join us for a ranty Planet Lisp, a fandriven Chart Toppin' Knockout and a higher stakes than normal Gone in a Sonic Minute, all to raise money for a great cause!

RadioSEGA Shuffle Special Events

January 29, 2021

S2E07 - RadioSEGA Shuffle January 2021 (29 Jan 2021)

For the first RadioSEGA Shuffle of the series, we kick it over to The Hidden Palace, play some Trivia Coast and Request Roulette while dropping a load of RadioSEGA LiVE shaped bombshells in our News section. It's unmissable R...

RadioSEGA Shuffle

September 25, 2020

E48 - RadioSEGA Shuffle September 2020 (25 September 2020)

After a break, the RadioSEGA Shuffle is back, but what segments will appear? That's what you've got to download the show for, silly! There'll more than likely be talk about the news at Tokyo Game Show 2020 or the lack thereof...

RadioSEGA Shuffle

July 31, 2020

E41 - RadioSEGA Shuffle July 2020 (31 July 2020)

Another month down, another RadioSEGA Shuffle in the pipeline. Join us tonight for more RadioSEGA news, round 3 of our ongoing Chart Toppin' Knockout competition and a brand new segment where we go off the rails talking about...

RadioSEGA Shuffle

June 26, 2020

E36 - Opposite Week Shuffle (26 June 2020)

As part of RadioSEGA's Opposite Week, it fell upon KC the responsibility of hosting Pick n' Mix this week. And on a RadioSEGA Shuffle week, too. Lots of roulettes, Gone in a Sonic Minute and "Chuck Walker" all make an appeara...

RadioSEGA Shuffle Special Events RadioSEGA's Opposite Week

May 29, 2020

E32 - RadioSEGA Shuffle May 2020 (29 May 2020)

May's horrors have drawn to a close, and with that comes a Shuffle to kick it out. Featuring mood whiplash on the requests and a complete disrespect to the English language! RadioSEGA news too...

RadioSEGA Shuffle

April 24, 2020

E28 - RadioSEGA Shuffle April 2020 (24 April 2020)

Thank goodness April is over, let's send it off with a RadioSEGA Shuffle! Plenty of tunes here to suplement the short history of Lizardcube and the disturbance of Kiryu grunting. Now if only I could figure out what game that ...

RadioSEGA Shuffle

February 28, 2020

E21 - RadioSEGA Shuffle February 2020 (28 February 2020)

Pick n' Mix brings a calming RadioSEGA Shuffle for the end of a hectic month, only to tap back into the insanity by playing some music from the new titles and community events we managed to miss on top of announcing a BRAND N...

RadioSEGA Shuffle

January 31, 2020

E17 - RadioSEGA Shuffle January 2020 (31 January 2020)

A rather quiet and uneventful January on RadioSEGA comes to an end with a hurrah and a Shuffle. Join us for a variety of soundtracks, a variety of segments and an announcement!

RadioSEGA Shuffle

November 29, 2019

E08 - RadioSEGA Shuffle November 2019 (29 November 2019)

In our first "normal" RadioSEGA Shuffle, the wheel spins round and round and lands on some familiar segments and some new yet so similar ones. Your great requests keep us powered all throughout on this grey Black Friday not-s...

RadioSEGA Shuffle

October 25, 2019

E03 - RadioSEGA Spooky Shuffle (25 October 2019)

The first of many (hopefully) RadioSEGA Shuffles hit your ears at a time that meant it was convenient to also play Halloween music alongside it. Who knows what will come up, it's random! Don't embrace that random though, that's the job of another show, just appreciate it and some slightly more unsettling than usual tunes.

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