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April 02, 2021

S2E16 - The DIVA Rejects (02 Apr 2021)

GAMES LIST: IA/VT -COLORFUL- Megpoid the Music Uta Kumi 575 On tonight's rather Foolish edition of Pick n' Mix, we tease the chat before getting into our DIVA Rejects show: an episode all about those Vocaloid games that AREN'T Project DIVA/Mirai/Sekai! On the agenda for today, an awful excuse for a rhythm game that somehow launched on the PSP in... 2013?!, an amazing rhythm game that never found its footing and a game all about poetry... who said that this show wouldn't be full of twists again?

Holidays April Fools

January 01, 2021

S2E03 - Requester Royalty 2020 (01 Jan 2021)

2020 is finally over, so we spent our first LiVE show of 2021 looking back at the Requester Royalty Top 10 for 2020! There's some upsets, there's expected entrants but most importantly: lots of tuens. We also chat a little bi...

Holidays Requester Royalty

December 25, 2020

S2E02 - Christmas in the Grotto (25 Dec 2020)

Pick n' Mix joins you on Christmas Day for an episode dedicated to giving, your wintery/Christmassy requests, keeping a conversation going during tough times and getting drunk and screaming at each other over the alphabetisation of gaming collections. Maybe leave that last part out of the celebrations when things go back to normal...


April 10, 2020

E26 - The Goodest of Fridays (10 April 2020)

Good Friday is upon us in the UK, so join Viper and his Discord co-horts for a show all about easter egg hunting and sweet treats in the form of prizes and new soundtracks coming to RadioSEGA!


April 04, 2020

E25 - The Foolish Non-SEGA Mix (04 April 2020)

This (late) April Fools Day, we're doing something that no-one has ever thought of before, we're playing non-SEGA music on RadioSEGA! How original! Except there's a twist. No Nintendo. Nintendo is the go-to for non-SEGA music...

Holidays April Fools

October 25, 2019

E03 - RadioSEGA Spooky Shuffle (25 October 2019)

The first of many (hopefully) RadioSEGA Shuffles hit your ears at a time that meant it was convenient to also play Halloween music alongside it. Who knows what will come up, it's random! Don't embrace that random though, that's the job of another show, just appreciate it and some slightly more unsettling than usual tunes.

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