April Fools Episodes

April 02, 2021

S2E16 - The DIVA Rejects (02 Apr 2021)

GAMES LIST: IA/VT -COLORFUL- Megpoid the Music Uta Kumi 575 On tonight's rather Foolish edition of Pick n' Mix, we tease the chat before getting into our DIVA Rejects show: an episode all about those Vocaloid games that AREN'T Project DIVA/Mirai/Sekai! On the agenda for today, an awful excuse for a rhythm game that somehow launched on the PSP in... 2013?!, an amazing rhythm game that never found its footing and a game all about poetry... who said that this show wouldn't be full of twists again?

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April 04, 2020

E25 - The Foolish Non-SEGA Mix (04 April 2020)

This (late) April Fools Day, we're doing something that no-one has ever thought of before, we're playing non-SEGA music on RadioSEGA! How original! Except there's a twist. No Nintendo. Nintendo is the go-to for non-SEGA music...

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