Pick n' Mix celebrates RadioSEGA's history while rewriting the rulebook. Having previously hosted 2 fairly "normal" RadioSEGA shows, host Viper brings you a show all about flipping normality on its head by frequently adaptin' and changin' with the times! Episodes can take any shape and be about any SEGA related subject matter, all while having a wide variety of segments past and present to call upon with the aim of each episode being fresh, start to finish. We focus on keeping things light and entertaining while highlighting music from various upbeat genres such as J-Pop, Chiptune and more!


Pick n' Mix airs LiVE on RadioSEGA every Friday night at 7pm UK time and releases as a podcast on all good providers at 9:30pm UK time.

About the Host



Viper is the Head Administrator of RadioSEGA and the host of Pick n' Mix, Topical Resort and The Dreamcast Hour. Having hosted RadioSEGA shows for 5 years as well as taking on various other duties during that time, he's extremely passionate for the station and the company it represents.